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Best beds for runners?

I thought it’s a good time to talk about the best beds for runners as today is the 94th Comrades Marathon.  As we speak 25 000 runners are making their way from Durban to Pietermaritzburg in one of the world’s most epic races.

One of the most important things for a runner is getting a good night’s sleep.  Sleep is when the body restores and repairs itself.  Without proper sleep the body becomes fatigued and doesn’t function as it should.

You don’t have to be an ultra-marathon competitor though.  Even if the extent of your running activity is the Park Run on a Saturday morning, proper sleep is important.

What makes the best beds for runners?

The best mattress for runners is one that provides the body with proper support and comfort.  The support comes from the “engine” of the mattress – maybe a spring system or a speciality foam.  It needs to align the body to its natural position by supporting the heaviest parts of the body – the head, shoulders and hips.

The comfort comes from the foam layers on top of the “engine”.  This is what gives the mattress its characteristic feel- firm, medium-firm, plush etc.  Comfort is a personal choice.  Memory foam is a popular choice of topping in premium mattresses.

The best bed for athletes provides the support needed and doesn’t exert pressure on the body.  Memory foam as the comfort layer will mould to the contours of the body, giving in rather than pushing up.

Another consideration is the minimisation of partner movement.  Cloud Nine beds for example are made of speciality foam.  This means the core of the mattress has no moving parts, hence zero transfer of partner movement.  This means you will not be kept awake with the tossing and turning of your partner, ensuring a good night’s rest.

Which bed should you choose?

Speak to us at Bedworld about the best bed for runners.  We will advise you on the right choice for your budget and preference.  Our beds range from value buys to the top of range luxury choices.

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