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What is the Best Bed for Allergies?

What is the best bed for allergies and how can you reduce allergens in your home? These are questions that those suffering from allergies (and their loved ones) often ask.

An allergy to dust, dust mites and dander can be very unpleasant.  When you come into an environment with many allergens you start to sneeze, your nose begins to run, and your eyes itch and turn red.

What is dust, dust mites and dander?

First off let’s look at what these “allergens” are:

  • House dust is a combination of human and animal hair, minerals from soil, fibres from textiles and paper, plant pollen, and human skin cells. Eeeeuw!
  • Dust mites are tiny critters, barely visible to the naked eye, often found in the home.  They live on dust particles and the moisture in the air.
  • Dander is microscopic particles of animal skin, much like dandruff. Many people think they are allergic to the hair of pets when it is actually dander.

How can you reduce them in your home?

There are many things you can do in your home to minimise these culprits and reduce your flare ups.  These include:

  • Clean your home regularly and keep it as dust free as possible
  • Remove wall-to-wall carpets and rugs and opt for floors like wood, laminate or vinyl
  • Get rid of fabric curtains and rather get blinds that can be wiped down easily
  • Always keep pets out of the bedroom of the person with the allergy
  • Use a mattress protector, that can be cleaned regularly, on your bed
  • Make sure your bed is hypoallergenic

Mattress Protectors

A quality mattress protector prevents skin cells and body fluids from making contact with your mattress.  This keeps the mattress pristine so that it is not an attractive home for mites.

The mattress protectors at Bedworld have a built in barrier to prevent mites passing on to the mattress. They are also waterproof.  You can see our mattress protectors here.

Best bed for allergies

Make sure that your mattress is allergy free.  At Bedworld we have a number of brands that fulfill this promise.

A Cloud Nine mattress is made from speciality foam containing zero chemicals that are known to cause allergies. These beds are also non toxic and hygienic.  This brand is a popular choice for those that suffer from allergies to dust and dust mites.

Rest Assured is another manufacturer that promises their beds are allergy free.

Another popular choice for sufferers is to choose a bed that is covered in bamboo fabric.  Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and this makes it ideal for a sleeping surface.  At Bedworld we have many options and we highly recommend our Bamboo Beds in our Value Buys range.  You can view these here.


If you are looking for a bed that will not exacerbate your allergies, speak to us.  We will help you find a bed that suits your preferences as well as your budget AND is allergy free.

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