beds for the elderly
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Beds for the Elderly

When thinking about beds for the elderly, there are a few things to consider:

  • the support it provides,
  • the height of the bed,
  • and its type of comfort.

What do we mean by support?

This refers to the manner in which the mattress supports the proper alignment of the body.

For example a Restonic bed is the “mattress with the marvellous middle”.  This patented design gives extra support to the centre of the bed where your body is at its heaviest.  Another example is the the Cloud Nine mattress which has a stability core of speciality foam.

Whenever you buy a bed it is important to buy a mattress designed for your weight.  This will ensure it provides the correct support, and that it will last.

Beds for seniors must provide the proper support.  At Bedworld all of our mattresses will meet this requirement.

The height of the bed

As one gets older it can be difficult standing up from a sitting position.  A bed that is slightly higher can make this easier.  Many modern mattresses have a high profile which can help.  It is also possible to get base legs in different sizes.  Our Bedworld salesperson will be able to assist you in this.

The Type of Comfort

Comfort is a matter of preference.  When looking for beds for the elderly consider a mattress that provides some softness.  This can be comforting for the bones and joints as the mattress will yield to the contours of the body.  A memory foam layer is a popular choice for this purpose.

It is a myth that a hard mattress is better for your back.  You can read more about that here.

Beds for the Elderly

At Bedworld we know beds.  We can recommend the best bed for your needs and your budget.  Our options range from entry level beds to luxury options.  At Bedworld we don’t have cheap beds, but we do have affordable options.

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