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Beds for Teens

What are the best beds for teens? With teenagers in my own home, I think they have a particular set of needs when it comes to a bed.  These are as follows:

They need space

Teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedrooms and much of that time is spent sitting or lying on their beds.  For many it’s where they sleep, catch up on social media, watch movies, relax and read. When friends come over it’s often where they gather.  It makes sense that they need a bed that is large enough to accommodate all of this activity.  We think that a double bed is an ideal size.  It is big enough, without being too big for the teen’s bedroom.

They need comfort

Teenagers need a lot of sleep! It can be misleading because they want to go to bed later and later.  At this age their circadian rhythm shifts and it is hard for them to go to sleep before 11.  Unfortunately having to wake up early for school means they are not getting enough sleep. Often they will try and make up for it with long lie-ins on the weekend.  They need a comfortable bed that will enable their best sleep.  We think a medium-firm bed is a great choice.  The comfy bed is the easy requirement to fill as a parent. Getting them to get enough sleep is not as simple!

They need support

The teenage body is going through many physical changes.  This means it needs sufficient support so that that it can rest well at night.  All of the beds at Bedworld have a good internal structure, the “engine” of the mattress.  It ensures that the body gets the right support in the right places.  For example the pressure points of the head, shoulders, and hips need good support to keep the body in natural alignment.


Best beds for teenagers

With this in mind we can recommend a number of beds for teens. Here are a few to start with:


We have many more options we think are excellent buys.  Speak to us on Live Chat and we can help find the right bed for your needs and budget.  You can also email us at