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Beds for Kids

Customers often ask what are the best beds for kids.

It doesn’t always make sense to get an expensive mattress for a child.  Children are lighter than adults and do not require as much support.  It is also common for children to wet their beds, especially when they are learning to sleep without a nappy.

In the early years a cheaper mattress is sufficient and, as they grow older and need more support, you can invest in a better bed.

Best Beds for Kids

Bedworld has a number of mattresses that we recommend for children.

One of our top sellers is the Bambino which is manufactured by the makers of Cloud Nine.  This bed is a popular choice for bunk beds as it is not too thick and fits well.  The Bambino has a gently firm feel and is made from high density foam.  It is non-toxic and allergy free, and is hygienic.

This bed is also popular for teenagers.  We recommend that you buy a double bed for your teenager.  Teens spend a lot of time on their beds, even during the day, and the extra space is most welcome.  The Bambino is designed to persons up to 70kg.

Bedworld has a number of beds to choose from.  We have beds from leading brands as well as our Value Buys range.  Value Buys is a selection of affordable, quality mattresses for when your money needs to go further.

Need assistance?

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