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Beds for children? How to choose

When buying beds for children you need to consider a few things. Whilst children are not as heavy as adults, they still require proper support. Sleeping is a time for the body to rest and rejuvenate, for both adults and children.

The perfect mattress for a child depends on a few things. How big is the child? How old is the child? Do you need a mattress for a bunk? How do you get the best value for the amount you can afford?

Bedworld has a range of options to suit all needs, and to suit all pockets.

Options for bunk beds

Many children love having bunk beds in their bedrooms. They are fun, and practical. If there are two children sharing a room, it frees up floor space to play. If there is only one child in the room, there is a spare bed when friends sleepover.

It is common to see cheap chip foam mattresses on bunkbeds. These can be functional but they are often hard, offering little comfort.

The option Bedworld recommends is the Bambino mattress. This bed is manufactured by Cloud Nine, and it is chiropractic endorsed. The Bambino is ideal for children, designed to provide support to persons who are less than 70kg. The mattress is also not too thick and fits into the bunk bed frame comfortably.

Considerations with Children

Initially a child is very light and they need little support. The more important consideration is making sure they cannot fall from the bed. As they get older, their needs will change.

When night-time toilet training, you should expect some accidents. Some helpful tips include encouraging your child to go to the toilet before they go to sleep; and if they wake in the night ask them if they would like to go to the toilet before they are tucked in once again.

Accidents will happen so it makes sense to stick to a cheaper bed until they stay dry at night. Once they are a little older you can consider a better mattress.

A waterproof mattress protector is a must. It is especially necessary once you have upgraded to a better bed. One of the conditions of the warranty of a bed is that it is in sanitary, hygienic condition.  Add a mattress protector to your order to protect your new bed.

When looking for childrens’ beds, Bedworld can advise you on the product that will best suit your needs and budget.

Options for Teens

Teens can spend A LOT of time in their beds. Whether it is watching their favourite Netflix programme, chatting to friends, catching up on social media, or squeezing in some extra sleep, they can literally spend all day in bed!

It makes sense to have a bed that offers good support and is durable. Another consideration is the size bed you choose. A double bed is a good size for a teen. It provides enough sleeping surface to be comfortable, and it should fit comfortably into the room.

If you don’t have much to spend but you are looking for quality and value, Bedworld recommends our double Hotelier Foam bed. This is a no-turn bed, and offers good support. It is covered with luxury bamboo cotton for a comfortable sleeping surface. The Hotelier Foam is designed for persons up to 90kg.

Bedworld has many more options ideal for teens. Call us or send an email and we will recommend the right product for your child, in the price range of your choice.

Choose Bedworld to buy beds for children

Buying childrens’ beds is easy with Bedworld. We offer quality products and excellent prices. At Bedworld we pride ourselves on providing the best advice. Put us to the test when the time comes to buy beds for your children.