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Get Your Beds Direct From Bedworld

The prices are so good at Bedworld it is like you get your beds direct from the factory.

Since 2003 customers in Gauteng and beyond have been getting excellent deals at Bedworld.  Our consultants know beds and they will help you choose the best product for your needs and your budget.

Beds Direct to Your Home

Our warehouse will deliver your new beds direct to your home.  Once the warehouse receives your order, our delivery team gets going.

At Bedworld we carry many of our products in stock. If the bed is in stock, you may be surprised how quickly we get it to you.  On many occasions within hours of placing the order a happy customer is putting linen on their new bed in their bedroom.

We need to make some brands, models and sizes to order.  In these cases this is clearly displayed in the product description.  We will keep you up to date with the progress of your order and will deliver at the agreed time.

Need something specific?

Customers often ask for something specific.  It could be a brand they like or a discontinued model. We have been in the bedding industry for more than 25 years so we are able advise them on the best bed for their needs now.

The technology used in beds has advanced significantly over the years.  Today you can get patented spring systems and speciality foams.  It can be confusing to decide on what you should get and we are there to help.  We will ask you the right questions so you can make the right choice.

Leading Brands, Lowest prices

You will find great deals at Bedworld.  From our leading brands to our Value Buys, there is something for everyone.

Speak to us on Live Chat for advice or to answer questions. You can also email us on

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