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Bed Bases for Sale

Sometimes you need to find bed bases for sale without a mattress.  Your base may have broken, or you are changing from a bed frame and now need a base.  Maybe your student days are over and you feel its time to get that mattress off the floor and onto a base.  At Bedworld we can help.  We have a great budget option for when you have less to spend, as well as a premium base if you can afford to pay more.  You can buy in store or online, and this is what we have to offer:

Bed Bases for sale at Bedworld

The Budget Base

The Budget Base is a well priced option and is available in Single, 3/4, Double, Queen and King.  This base is made from wood and is covered in fabric. It is available in two colours – Brown and Grey. It has 6 legs for extra strength. The Budget Base is from our Value Buys range.

The Lifestyle Base

This is a premium base, built for durabililty and strength. The Lifestyle Base has a stylish design and is covered in grey fabric. This base comes in all sizes – Single, 3/4, Double, Queen and King; and in extra length too.  This base also has 6 legs and these are in the form of bun feet. This feature gives it extra stability and strength.

The Flip Top Storage Base

This is a great base when storage is a premium.  The lid of the Flip Top base opens easily on a heavy-duty hydraulic hinge.  This reveals a lined inside bin that is 26cm in depth.  The Flip Top Base has an attractive design and is cushioned with foam and covered in grey fabric.  This Base is available in Single, 3/4, Double, Queen and King; the King and Queen is also available in extra length. A 10 day lead time from order is required on this quality product.

Something to note about the Budget and Lifestyle bases is that a King Size Base is in fact two single bases pushed together.  This makes sense because it would be very awkward to move a piece of rigid furniture this big. When you order a King Size Base it will come in this form – two single bases – and it is priced and packaged accordingly.

You can order your new base directly on our website HERE. If you have any questions speak to us on Live Chat or send an email to

Or come into store and a salesperson will help you get the right product for your needs.