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Need more space?

A bed base with storage is a great solution when space is a premium.

Why choose a bed base with storage?

A bed base with storage is a great way to optimise the space in your home.  You need a base for your bed anyway. In this way your base is put to good use and provides you with much needed storage base.

Great ways to use yours

A storage base is convenient as it keeps your things at hand. You can still get to your things easily when you need them.

In the main bedroom you can use it for

  • suitcases and bags you don’t always use
  • storing clothing for the next season,
  • keeping bed linen and extra blankets or pillows, or
  • shoes that don’t fit in your cupboard

In children’s bedrooms you can

  • store toys that are used often,
  • keep books, games and puzzles
  • store additional and seasonal clothes

In a spare room you can store

  • photographs and sentimental cards and papers,
  • craft and hobby supplies,
  • linen and towels for the spare room,
  • wrapping paper and gift bags, and
  • all your Christmas decorations

A storage base can help you make the most of your space.

Is a storage base easy to use?

The storage bases sold at Bedworld have a heavy duty hydraulic hinge. This makes it effortless to open and lift the lid of the base.  It opens up into a space that is about 26cm deep.  The cavity is lined with fabric.

Flip top storage base has a functional design and it is also attractive.  The frame is made from wood and is cushioned in foam.  It is then upholstered in a choice of brown or grey fabric.  The base looks very stylish and there is no need to cover it with a nightfrill or base wrap.

What sizes does it come in?

At Bedworld we sell all the sizes, namely

  • single – 91 cm wide
  • 3/4 – 107 cm wide
  • double – 137 cm wide
  • queen – 152 cm wide
  • king – 183 cm wide

Please note that a king size is sold as 2 single bases.  This is necessary or it would be very difficult to get the base through the doorways of an average sized room.

The King and Queen is also available in extra length (200cm).

Get yours at Bedworld

We have great prices on storage bases at Bedworld.  You can see them all here. If you need help, please chat to us on Live Chat here on the website, or send us an email to

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