Bamboo Zone Collection
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Introducing the Bamboo Zone Collection

The Bamboo Zone Collection is a great addition to the Bedworld range.

Features of the Bamboo Zone Collection

These beds have many features that make it a great choice:

  • Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric is a popular choice for the covering of mattresses.  The fabric is soft, has a cool surface, and is strong and durable.  It also has anti bacterial properties and that help to keep your bed hygienic.

(It is still important to always use a mattress protector. This will protect your bed from marks and stains – which is a requirement for your guarantee/warranty.  It also prevents any moisture reaching the mattress. Moisture will degrade the foam in your mattress and it deteriorate  prematurely.)

  • Edge Support

The edges of the mattresses from the Bamboo Collection are reinforced. This means you don’t feel you are going to roll off when you lie on the edge of the mattress. You get to use the whole surface of the mattress, which gives you more space.

  • Bonnell Spring System

The beds from this collection are made with a bonnell spring. This is tried and tested technology.  It gives you good support, and responds to the weight of your body.

  • Comfort Layers

The manufacturer uses high density foam in the comfort layers to ensure that the mattress is supportive and comfortable.  The Bamboo Zone beds have a comfortable feel for a good night’s rest.

  • Factory Warranty

These beds are made to high standards and carry a factory guarantee and warranty.  The guarantee is for 1 year, which means that if there is a factory fault, the faulty product will be replaced at no charge to yourself.  The warranty is for 15 years.  In the event of a fault the factory will calculate fair use of the product and you will pay in a portion of the replacement.

Beds from the Collection

The beds available in this collection are:

The Bamboo Zone Pillowtop

This no-turn mattress is designed for persons up to 95kg and is medium firm.  It is available in Single, 3/4, Double, Queen in the set or mattress only.  See here.

The Bamboo Zone Dual Boxtop

The Dual Boxtop is a double sided mattress that will support weight up to 110kg per person.  It also has a medium firm feel. It is available in Single, 3/4, Double, Queen in the set or mattress only. See here.


These beds are available online and instore.  Call us on 011 791 4254 for more information, or chat to us live on our website.






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