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Bamboo Beds- what’s the fuss?

Bamboo Beds at Bedworld have become a popular choice, but what are they and why do people like them?

The name might conjure up the picture of a rustic wooden frame in a style that was all the rage in the sixties and seventies. This is not, however, what is meant by this term.

Bamboo Beds are mattresses covered in fabric that is made with fibres or cellulose from the bamboo plant. The resulting fabric is luxurious to the touch. When covered in bamboo fabric, the mattress surface is soft and yielding. This creates the ideal sleeping surface.

More about Bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric has been hailed as the material of the future. Bamboo is a fast growing, sustainable plant. It uses little in the way of fertilisers or pesticides in its growing process.

There are different types of bamboo materials, some made only with the cellulose to produce a bamboo rayon, and others with the bamboo fibre. As with all things, the quality can vary.

Bamboo Beds at Bedworld

At Bedworld our Bamboo Beds are made with yarn that is 100% bamboo pulp fibre. This yarn is biodegradable and it is sustainable. The fabric has a cool and fresh feel, as the fibres are highly absorbent with a mesh-like structure.

One of the properties of bamboo fabric is that it is antibacterial. This fabric is soft with extreme strength, making it ideal for mattress ticking. The bamboo enhances the comfort of the mattress, giving a better night’s sleep.

At Bedworld you will find the range Bamboo Beds. This range is exclusive to Bedworld and is made for quality, comfort, and durability – all at a price you can afford.  You can see the Bamboo Beds range here.

How to choose a bed with bamboo fabric?

When choosing a bed, always buy the best you can afford. You will have this bed for 7 to 10 years and you want something that will continue to give you the support you need for this time.

The Bamboo Beds range begins with the 10 Star Bamboo a very affordable bed that gives great value, and is suitable for children and guest rooms. The top of the Bamboo Beds range is the Royal Pocket. This is a feature rich bed with luxurious comfort. With the Royal Pocket you get far more than you pay for.

Why go with Bamboo?

A bed with bamboo fabric gives a luxurious, cool and comfortable sleeping surface, and it comes highly recommended.

You can order yours online here, or contact us on 011 826 3359 or