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Back Care at Bedworld

Back Care at Bedworld

Back Care is important to us at Bedworld.  We are proud to supply Rest Assured and Cloud Nine Beds as they are endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA). CASA is happy to give their stamp of approval to these brands because these mattresses align the spine and provide superior support. When sleeping on a Cloud Nine or a Rest Assured bed your back gets the care it needs to stay healthy.

Take care of your back

There are many things that you can do to keep your spine healthy and pain free.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep active – your body is designed for movement and it is essential for your health.
  • Stretch regularly – there are a number of stretches for your back that will help you retain flexibility and mobility.
  • Be careful when you lift things – always remember to use your legs and not your back when heavy lifting.
  • Think ergonomics – are the things you use every day helping? Is your desk set up ideally for comfort and ease of movement? Do you have your head hanging over your phone all day?
  • Find the right mattress – mattresses are designed to carry people up to a certain weight, so make sure yours is right for you and your body.

To read more about keeping your back healthy, read the detail in our Top Tips to Take Care of Your Back.

Rest Assured Beds

Your mattress should provide good support and your preferred level of comfort.

There are many reasons to buy a Rest Assured or a Cloud Nine mattress from Bedworld. Rest Assured beds have a heavy duty spring system. This means the bed provides better support and is durable. These beds are manufactured with high quality components. They have premium quality cushioning to provide you with maximum comfort. Rest Assured says its beds are so comfortable that you can’t help falling asleep. When you have a Rest Assured bed you will agree that is true.

See the Rest Assured beds on offer at Bedworld here.

Cloud Nine Beds

Cloud Nine beds are manufactured with speciality foam and this means that they have no moving parts. A Cloud Nine bed truly minimises the transfer of movement between sleeping partners. These beds are hygienic and non-toxic. A Cloud Nine bed provides stable spinal support and is a product recommended for those that suffer with back problems.

See the Cloud Nine beds on offer at Bedworld here.

Back Care at Bedworld

Back Care at Bedworld is about giving you excellent deals on chiropractic beds from brands such as Cloud Nine and Rest Assured beds. Bedworld has been bringing you the best prices on these leading brands since 2003.

If you have any questions or need more detail you can chat to us on live chat on our website or send an email to and we’ll assist.

Don’t delay – get a bed from Bedworld today and take care of your back.