Are all beds the same length
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Are all beds the same length?

We are often asked are all beds the same length? The short answer is “No!” Here is an explanation.

What length of beds do you get?

You will commonly find two lengths of beds.  These are Standard Length and Extra Length.  Extra Length is frequently written as XL and this is how suppliers and salespeople refer to this size. When you see the abbreviation XL on either a bed or linen, this is what it means.

A Standard Length bed is 188cm long and an XL bed is 200cm.

Does it make a difference?

If you or your partner is tall, the extra 12cm does make a difference.  It is nice when your feet don’t hang off the end of the bed.

When you are shorter it does not make as much of a difference, but space is luxury.  If your bedroom is not too small, consider getting an extra length bed.

Can you get linen for both sizes?

There was a time when it was difficult to get extra length linen.  One would have to go to an exclusive or specialist store.  Today both sizes are freely available at all the popular stores.

Make sure you buy the right size when you buy linen.  A standard length duvet and flat sheet will fit both an extra length and standard length bed, but a standard length fitted sheet will not fit your XL mattress.

Do all beds come in Standard and XL?

Some models of bed are only available in Standard Length.  You can select the size you are looking for in our online shop. Select from the options below:

XL is a special order in some brands, especially with a 3/4 size mattress.  This size is not frequently requested and suppliers do not carry stock.  You can order this size, and it will be made to order.  Please expect a 7 to 10 day delivery time.  This is clearly marked on the products in question in our online store.

Do you get custom lengths?

A custom length bed is required at times.  You might have a hand crafted bed frame that is not a common size.  Maybe you have a built in bed, or you have been inspired by George Clarke and need a bed for your tiny house?

When you need a bed custom made speak to us.  It is possible to have a mattress made to your specifications.


So that is our long answer to “are all beds the same length”.

If you have any questions or need advice on choosing the best bed for you, send an email to and let us help.