Bed and your underwear
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3 things that your BED and your UNDERWEAR have in common

Have you ever considered how much your bed and your underwear have in common?

We’ve been thinking about it and these are our top three ways:

  1. You don’t show off your new purchase

Picture the scene. You have just bought lovely matching underwear in coral pink. Your friends come over for dinner. Immediately you whip off your clothes and model your underwear around the living room.

Or maybe it’s those body fit boxers you just received in the post. Fancy standing around the braai showing them off?

That’s just like your new bed. It’s not the type of thing you show everyone. You don’t invite all into your bedroom to try your new bed.

No. Don’t do it.



  1. Size matters

Underwear that is too small is not comfortable. If everything is squeezing out and bulging everywhere it does not feel good and it does not look good.

It’s the same with a bed. You want room to move. You want enough space, especially if you are sharing a bed with a partner. And your children. And the family dog.

The more room you have, the less that sleeping partners will disturb one another.


  1. It needs to give you the support you need

Your underwear needs to provide you with the correct support. It must hold everything in place. Some bits need a lift. Some bits need to be snuggly tucked. You get the idea.

It’s the same with a bed. It needs to align your spine, and support your body. The parts that hold the most weight need extra strength and reinforcement. If the bed is too soft your body will slouch out of alignment. If it is too hard your body will not relax and you will be aware of pressure points.


So what it is that we can conclude about this enlightening topic?

  1. Just because you don’t show it to everyone doesn’t mean that it isn’t awesome to have a new bed.
  1. When it comes to beds bigger really is better.
  1. It doesn’t have to be sexy, and you can never have too much support.


Remember – you heard it here first!

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